Are you getting the most out of your technology?

Your tech partner is more important than you think

Keeping up with the latest technology in a business is difficult. There are many factors to consider when choosing tech. One of the obvious areas is end-user devices and hardware. Are you stuck in an upgrade cycle that might be costing you more money? Or are you failing to keep up to date with the latest ways to buy new hardware?

Many organisations that we talk to seem to be stuck in a early 2000’s rut when it comes to buying tech hardware. Since then the cloud and progressive web apps have changed everything. The device is becoming less important as a powerhouse of productivity.

Traditional infrastructure computing power is changing to an ‘on-tap’ commodity that is pay-as-you-go.

So organisations should be re-thinking the type of end-user devices that are required. Mobility, decreased real need (as opposed to perceived need) for cpu power are some of the issues that should be closely looked at. Device-as-a-Service and other purchase programs are providing flexibility that has not been previously available.

Get the right advice up front

Choosing the right partner to get the right advice up front could save you lots of money in the long run.

Transparency creates accountability

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Things to look out for when selecting a technology hardware partner

Decide on your true goal

Every organisation needs to decide what their goal is for technology purchases. Is it the lowest price? A lower total cost of ownership? Higher productivity? Or competitive advantage.
Depending on your goals, it can be harder to test what and who to buy from. If not price, then a standard RFP process may not yield an effective result.

Should the goal be something other than simply price, then the right advice is critical. That advice may extend beyond the solution to how to determine an ROI and how to put a solution in place.

Ask vendors to supply an answer to your problem

Too often organisations define buying criteria by going too far along the road to a solution. This pigeon-holes vendors into a price based outcome. Too often we see solutions delivered for a problem that has been poorly defined. Better to engage with vendors and suppliers in advance of the buying process. Do this either as part of an RFI or by consultation.

It is also critical to take into account a variety of options. This may include brands, specifications and where applicable on vs off-premise solutions.

Other hidden costs

Software, peripherals and post sales support can add up to 30% to the cost of tech. Make sure to take all aspects of these requirements into account as part of the decision process.


It’s time to re-think what this means.
Today we are offered an ever-increasing provision of cloud-provisioned software services. Computing power is available on-tap (in real terms) in unlimited quantity without the need for computing infrastructure. End user devices have a decreasing need for processing power. This means lower cost for devices which are being viewed more as a disposable commodity (much like your mobile phone).
That leaves communications equipment, printers and other peripherals….

Vendor Support

Choosing a supplier with strong vendor support is important. A partner who is a participant in vendor programs can often result in better pricing. This can often mean better pricing for customers. A supplier who only offers one solution to every problem may not deliver the right outcome for your business.

Better Buying Outcome

Choosing a partner to provide the right advice may be the most important decision you will make when picking a technology partner. The right partner can work with you to determine the right mix of hardware and provide the right operational support throughout implementations and ongoing support. This is not a decision to make on pure cost criteria and you should be on the lookout for a supplier who has:

  • A strong track record of ongoing delivery. Many technology partners only like to focus on the higher margin services and fall behind on hardware and devices.
  • A proven track record in being up to date with latest offerings to market.
  • Experience across a range of industries and business sizes. Different industries and businesses operate in their own unique way. This type of experience can be beneficial to assist with out of the box enquiries or bring other learnings to play.

Supply Clusters Offer

Supply Clusters partner with ASI Solutions who provide a comprehensive offering across devices and services to organisations of all sizes.

Members receive the following benefits from ASI Solutions:

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