The Supply Clusters Energy Blitz is back on 20 October 2021

Over the last year, Supply Clusters Energy Blitzes have delivered an average of 28% savings on energy charges to companies who participated. The market still offers opportunities to lock in low prices over the next few years. You can take advantage of the low current and future energy price environment while you can. To find out more, contact us.

The Supply Clusters Energy Blitz is powered by Energy Action

Energy Action

Watch the recording of our webinar from 29 April

Supply Clusters Energy Blitz Webinar - April 29 2020

Join the Energy Blitz to secure low energy prices into the future.

The next Supply Clusters Energy Blitz is being held on October 20, 2021. Register your interest to secure low energy prices through to 2025.

Energy prices are currently near or at the bottom of the market. While they have been at historic lows due to reduced demand during the COVID pandemic – prices are already trending up and the opportunity exists to forward contract before prices rise much more.

If your electricity contract is due to expire within the next 18 months now is a great time to go to market as you are likely to see strong future savings. The Supply Clusters Energy Blitz will help you fight for an even greater deal in what is a very competitive market.

Register your Interest
by September 30, 2021

    Everything you need to know about the Supply Clusters Energy Blitz

    An energy auction is a method of procuring energy supply contracts. During an auction, suppliers bid for your contract. You supply the specifications and volume, and a panel of suppliers offer their best price.

    An auction provides live competitive tension during the bidding process. This should mean that the price you receive is better than during a typical tender situation.

    No. Our energy blitz works on the momentum of having a large volume in the market at one time. Our energy blitz avoids the complexities of a group auction and reliance on other signatories in the group.

    Different businesses have different load profiles and contract needs. A group auction works best when all participants have similar load profiles. And, all must agree to operate under the same contract terms.

    Our Energy Blitz maximises the benefits of group volume, but with tailored results and avoiding the downsides of a group auction. The intention is for a high volume of clients to auction their contracts in a short period.

    Each auction is individual. And every participant receives pricing specific to their load profile and contract needs. There is no risk of a pricing offer contingent on others.

    All you need to do is be ready to take up the offer within the validity time frame.

    A reverse auction is a live event. Energy suppliers bid on the same contract volume and terms within a fixed time slot. Retailers can see the current bids, but not who they are from. This provides bidding transparency and heavy competition between suppliers. All are aiming to offer the best price at the time.

    We will run the auction through our partner Energy Action.

    Energy Action will use their energy auction platform to run simultaneous auctions.

    At the auction there will be a panel of multiple retailers ready to bid for your energy business on the day.

    All you need to do for now is register your interest by September 30, 2021. We will be in touch once you register to get more information from you.

    We aim to make this as easy as possible and with minimal effort on your part. Once you register, we will be in touch with you to provide documentation.

    No. We provide your information to Energy Action who will run the auction. They will share energy specifications with the bidding energy retailers only. No other participant companies will have access to your information.

    Retail electricity prices for Commercial & Industrial customers have declined.

    Energy prices are currently near or at the bottom of the market. They are however, on the rise. If your electricity contract is due to expire within the next 18 months now is a great time to go to market as you are likely to see strong future savings. The Supply Clusters Energy Blitz will help you fight for an even greater deal in what is a very competitive market.

    Do you have current energy contracts due to expire/renew in the next 18 months. You need to act before future pricing starts moving upwards.

    An auction is one of the fastest ways to secure the best deal. You can take advantage of competition with minimal effort from you.

    The greatest challenge clients face is being ready to sign off on their offer. The retailers put their best prices forward which means a short time frame to accept their offer.

    They cannot offer a long validity on the deals. If you commit to an auction, you need to be ready to take a deal. The decision of who you choose is completely up to you, but time is critical.

    Any projected price offers are dependent on your current contract, your electricity load profile and when you took them up.

    If you negotiated your current contracts at a high market price – you can expect to achieve a better result.

    Current market prices can be viewed via the Energy Action Price Index

    Do you spend over $25,000 per annum on electricity?
    Can you take immediate action to agree to a contract offer after the auction?
    Do you have energy contracts due to expire before June 2022?
    Then the answer is definitely yes.

    Our Energy Blitzes in 2020 saved companies on average 28% for current and future energy prices. The Australian Energy Exchange platform has been running for almost 20 years. It is a marketplace where large businesses, spending over $25,000/year, go to buy their electricity. Its success comes from the engagement of energy retailers who are very active.

    Our Energy Blitz is available for members and those looking to become members of Supply Clusters. You can leverage the power of our members going to market together in a short, defined time frame to deliver a better price than going it alone.

    All members of Supply Clusters will have access to sharp market pricing delivered as part of the auction. Premium members will also be eligible for rebates*. Eligible rebates from the October 2021 Energy Blitz will be paid as part of the May 2022 rebate payments.

    *To be eligible for rebates members must:
    Be a financial premium member for the entire rebate period.
    Be up to date with any terms of credit with our suppliers.

    All sites in QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA & WA are eligible as part of the auction. For sites in Western Australia, contracts that expire in the next 6 months only are eligible.

    A small market site is one that spends less than $25K in electricity per annum. Small market sites are not included as part of the blitz. We can support small market sites through other procurement methods.

    Not ready for the Supply Clusters Energy Blitz but still looking to save?

    There are many ways to save on your businesses energy costs. Supply Clusters have helped hundreds of organisations around Australia save through better contracts as well as greater energy efficiency

    Solar Panels / Self- generation

    Solar Panel installations may be eligible for 100% instant-asset write-off if installed and operational before December 31, 2020. You should talk to your accountant to verify your eligibility. Considering solar? Read some more here

    Energy Efficiency

    Improving energy efficiency is a low-cost, high-return way to cut those energy bills. If you want to get more energy efficient and are considering LEDs, Power Factor Correction or other methods. You can find out more on this page

    Energy Supply

    Not ready or eligible to be part of the Energy Blitz? There are other ways to get better pricing. Learn more about how we can help

    Gas Procurement

    Gas prices are also very low at the moment and we have helped companies save millions of dollars p.a. in the last few months. If you are a large market gas purchser (greater than 10TJ per year) and would like to discuss, please contact us today.

    Need help in other areas

    At Supply Clusters, we are all about speed to value for our customers. Managing costs does not need to take months. It can be done simply and there is no time more important than now to take costs out.

    If there are any areas you need help, or just want to reach out for a chat – please get in touch with us

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