Location reporting now available in the member portal

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Depending on the category, you may want to report by cost centre (departmental) or location. The good news is that for select categories from our suppliers, we have added by location reporting to the portal.

We all know that data quality varies by supplier. And, by category of spend as well as location. For a long time, many people wanting to report on various dimensions has required a lot of manipulation of (variable quality) data to get what you need from it. That is if you can get the data in the first place.

As of today, for members utilising our offers via Wasteflex (Waste Management), Energy Action (Energy Procurement) or Konica Minolta (Managed Print Services) – spend data by location is now available in the portal.

We have done the hard work to pull all the pieces together to make it easier to get the data with the dimensions you need.

This will not only assist in providing a granular level of detail required. It will make it easier for members to identify and isolate anomalies in their spend.

Save time on data manipulation

We all know getting access to good data to make decisions is a problem. In fact, this was highlighted as one of the main challenges for attendees at our conference in August. The broader feedback from many of our members is simply that getting the right data, in the right format, with the right fields – is a challenge.

Rather than chasing data and wasting time (time is money) – all it takes is to log into the Supply Clusters portal.

Location reporting now available

For those expense categories linked to physical locations, premium members can now access this detail via the analytics dashboard in the member portal. Simply go to our website, log in, and load your dashboard on the homepage.

All the dimensions available to you are visible to drag and drop into the mix. You can change the chart type, or, create a table of data and filter by time period. Then, if you would like to export the data for import into your own tools – it is easy to do.

View you spend data by location by supplier

Data by location and type

If you want to drill even further down into the detail. You can simply add in the category as a filter and see breakdowns by waste type, energy spend by category or even what is being printed at each location (size and colour vs BW).

And remember, all data is provided down to an individual item level (where available) so you can easily see which of your locations is on track and which is over or under spending.

Good clean data is critical

For those that attended the conference, Mario Ribeiro from Blackwoods highlighted the need for good data as part of an overall Data and Analytics strategy. We do all the painful work to homogenise and clean data from our suppliers for you. This enables you, in conjunction with your business partner to focus on the opportunities for further saving.

Making decisions count

If you have not already read the articles from Jonathan Dutton this month, we definitely suggest you do. Attribution of impact (i.e. proving what you are delivering in your role as a buyer) is becoming more important in many companies. Often to do that, you need good clean data as a starting point.

It is also important to track spend ongoing. Simply waiting until the next review in a certain category is just not good enough anymore. The ability to reel in savings next month based on up-to-date data adds business value on an on-going basis. It is far more effective to address rogue spend quickly after it happens rather than months later.

Try it yourself

Try it today.

If you want to have a look at the location reporting available to you in the categories you spend with our suppliers – simply log-into the portal and try it out. If you have any further questions, get in contact with your Business Partner who can take you through it all.

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