Tired of arguing with suppliers to get access to your own data? We have put an end to the debate with detailed spend reporting.

The battle for data is now over

It has always been a battle to get data from suppliers. Many have made it near impossible to get the information you need. Let alone provide it when you need it.

You need this data to inform current and future decisions. How else can you understand what has worked? Where is the rogue spending? And who ordered those Tim Tams?

Without data, decisions can only be based on opinion. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. What if you had access to your data when you need it. Decisions based on facts. Without the pain of chasing.

  • Get the latest up-to-date analysis on your spend with Supply Clusters


Your transactional level spend data is available to you. When you need it. In full. No more chasing.


Data summaries are useful but lack the detail you often need. Drill down and see every item ordered, every month. Accessible whenever you need.


Identifying rogue spend is now easier. Understand which department is ordering nice-to-haves rather than the must-haves. Break your spend down to cost centre easily and quickly.


It is simple to see your spend by category. See month on month or year on year trends. Then drill down into the detail to find out what is being ordered.

Track actual savings. Stop talking to the forecast.

You’ll have ‘egg on your face’ if you call out a saving and then not deliver. More and more teams are now remunerated on delivered savings – not just negotiating a deal with a forecast saving. On-time accurate data is a must to show the benefits. We just made it easier for you.

Trackable and Reportable Savings

Proven results are important to more than just the bottom line. Results usually determine the bonus you receive … or not. We help make it easier for our members by supporting them with benefit tracking every month*.

Not only does this help you prove your worth. It also helps your business achieve its goals.

Some of our success stories

We work with companies every day to help them succeed. Whether it is procurement, finance or function leaders – we help them realise savings. Simple and easy.