Our approach

Don’t commit unless you see value. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our promise is to deliver value to the businesses and individuals we work with. The value may be in the form of cost-down or cost-out. Sometimes it is control and compliance. It could be as simple as delivering actual monthly spend data. For others, it’s about removing the burden and providing peace of mind.

Our value is also that we work alongside you every step of the way. We’re not into make-believe spreadsheet savings that are unlikely to be implemented or managed. We provide actual spend data – month in, month out. You can see what’s going on and make decisions. We pride ourselves on being real.

And we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to delivering value to our members. On average, we add a new category or supplier or update a contract in our portfolio every 4 weeks throughout the year.

That means every year you’ll have a whole range of new options available to you. So you can deliver increasing value to your organisation.

Buyer's Regret

Ever bought a membership and regretted it? There were promises and all sorts of features and benefits and it didn't even come close. We get it. So we prove our value to you before you commit. You decide what works for you. And what does not. We add value to you by either removing the pain, delivering definitive costs benefit or both. That way, you're comfortable and there is no buyers remorse. We're not kidding - we're confident in what we do.

Try before you buy… but be smart

The first stage in any process is deciding whether we can work together. Partnerships need open and honest communication. So we see whether we can work together before we ask you to commit to anything.

When it comes to our standing offers – we will prove the value you will receive. We do this before we ask for any commitment from you. This gives you confidence that being a member will deliver value.

This is why we differ from other membership groups or consultants. We do not charge a fee-for-no-outcome or a percentage of hypothetical savings. Supply Clusters believes we can only share in the benefits if we deliver results.

Finally, a word of caution. Don’t be one of those people who sit on the fence. At the end of the day, the cost of membership is low, so don’t get too hung up. If you feel that you haven’t received value we will refund your membership so you have no risk.

Ongoing Value

You can gain value from our standing offers across a range of suppliers and categories. We work to optimise the value our members receive throughout the duration of our offers. We expect that our aggregated volume is greater than your individual buying power.

We also expect that insights we see across our member base will deliver you value on an ongoing basis. Intelligent buying and saving is a journey. We deliver behavioural and compliance tools as well as buying practices that you can use today. We support you to put in place what you need to achieve your goals – now and into the future.

Since value means different things to different people – the choice of membership is up to you. The difference between memberships gives options depending on how you see value. Both allow you to access the standing offers from our range of suppliers and include a dedicated partner to help your business.

The rest of the choice is yours to determine which level of reporting you need and whether rebates are important to your business. If at any time you change your mind, you can simply change to the membership that is right for you

Choose the type of membership that suits you

Easy to choose

Standard MemberPremium Member
Access to exclusive dealsXX
Cost Centre ReportingXX
Category Level ReportingXX
Cashbacks on Spend*XX
Supplier Rebates*X
Analytics and Data ExportsX

*Cashbacks and Rebates vary by category and supplier.

The proof is in the pudding

Most of our members continue with us for years. Some for well over 10 years. That is the value we deliver to your company together. Some of our members put in place the standing offers alone. Some ask for a little more help. Others rely on us as an outsourced part of their team. Everyone relies on our data and reporting. Our members continue to leverage our experience and knowledge to drive their own programs.

It takes two to tango. We do not believe that success is only our own. We know that our success is a process that we share together.