Operating Lease

Owning your vehicle fleet can be time-consuming, risky and expensive in the longer term. Vehicle purchases for new fleet vehicles or replacement cars are capital intensive. When you buy a vehicle you are buying an asset that depreciates from the minute you receive it. You are also stuck with the hassles of admin, servicing, insurance and registration.

This is still the norm for tradition-bound organisations or those which are fleet heavy. Many businesses have long ago moved away from this practice using an operating lease to make fleet management simpler.

Transparency creates accountability

Supply Clusters provides transparent reporting on Operating Lease through our member portal. Simply sign up to our Standing Offer arrangement with LeasePLUS and your data will be available 24/7. Members have access to all of their data including detail on every single transaction. Join today, start saving on Operating Lease and see all the detail you need to manage your needs:

  • Quantity and Spend by period
  • Reporting by cost centre and employee

Things to look out for when choosing an Operating Lease

There are a number of things that you need to consider in relation to operating leases on your vehicles. If you cannot answer yes to each of the following, you should consider an alternative solution:

  • Are your vehicle related expenses predictable and simple to maintain?
  • Have you allocated a resource to manage your fleet?
  • Can you guarantee repairs and maintenance on your cars will be performed on time?
  • Is there a direct impact to your business when your vehicles are off the road for servicing and maintenance?
  • Do you have a strategy of disposing of your vehicles that minimises the residual risk and maximises returns when selling your vehicles?

Better buying outcome

A better buying outcome helps streamline the management of vehicles in the fleet

  • Smart technology means less time spent on administration and better service to employees.
  • A high service culture delivers better ease of use.
  • Ongoing monitoring reduces the possibility of significant charges at end of lease.
  • Capped admin fees ensures no surprises later on.

Supply Clusters Offer

Supply Clusters partner with LeasePLUS for all of your Operating Lease needs

Members receive the following benefits from LeasePLUS

  • Capped administration fees per month per vehicle
  • Reduce the number of vendors and standardise products to maximise savings
  • Rebate payable (Premium Members) on administration fees
  • Ordering and buying behaviour compliance tools
  • On-line portal to access your spend data