It’s Best If You Don’t Have a Furniture Problem

Office Furniture is essential for any business – it is used by your team every day. While that is stating the obvious – it needs to be considered as an investment.

It is well established that good furniture fosters productivity and health. So your furniture needs to be comfortable and make the work environment attractive at the same time.

The purchase of furniture can represent a significant investment so don’t forget  the productivity and health of your P&L.

Looking for an armchair ride?

Whether it's choosing the right chairs from a WH&S perspective or workstation fit-out it's easy to be taken for a ride if you're not careful. We know the right people who can help you make the right decisions when it comes to office furniture.

Transparency creates accountability

Supply Clusters provides transparent reporting on Furniture products through our member portal. Simply sign up to our Standing Offer arrangement and your data will be available 24/7. Members have access to all of their data including detail on every single transaction. Join today, start saving on Furniture products and see all the detail you need to manage your needs:

  • Quantity and Spend by period
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  • Transactional level detail on each product ordered

Things to know and look out when choosing furniture products


Length of warranty is usually proportionate to quality.

Consider the trade-off between price and the length of time the product will deliver service.

Fit for purpose products

A chair is a chair – right?

Not quite – it depends upon the type of use required of it. There are office chairs available on the market for less than $100.

Consider in the value equation type of use, desired length of service (associated warranty) and price.

Award winners

While design and appearance may be key considerations make sure the function and comfort boxes are ticked first.

Ongoing supply

Where on-going supply is important take care in choosing furniture and fabrics that are timeless. It’s not a good look when you hire 20 new staff and you are unable to purchase matching items.

Confirm continuity of supply for when you need additions, repair or replacement.

Beware the latest fad

If fashion is a key consideration be conscious of the balance between price and length of service. If fashion changes in 2-3 years time it’s not wise to have furntiure which still has many years of service remaining.

Ensure that Furniture Delivers a Comfortable Result

Good furniture is important to keep your people productive and in good health.

To make sure that the productivity and health of both your team and your P&L are maximised consider:

  • A dedicated team of experts in the field of commercial furniture.
  • A consultative approach to office design and fit-out. Strike a balance between form, feature and price.
  • A range of locally made as well as imported furniture options.
  • A strong supply chain ensuring that today’s products are available tomorrow.

Supply Clusters Standing Offer

Supply Clusters has partnered with Winc for all your furniture needs.

Members receive the following benefits from Winc:

  • Free delivery Australia-wide (fit-out excepted)
  • Access to a contracted basket of over 100 furniture items with an annual review conducted by Supply Clusters
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