Managed Print Services

A broader approach is best

Managed Print Services as a category is mature. Pay per click management of multi function devices has been around for some time. Finding ongoing cost savings is difficult for most organisations. Many suppliers are under continuing margin pressure.

Shrinking margins are putting pressure on business prices. Supply Clusters is still delivering opportunities to save. From 5% (larger organisations) to 30% (smaller and less mature). Outdated RFP approaches are partly to blame. A lack of focus and understanding of the movements in this area is also causing businesses to pay too much.

Where a large opportunity exists is using in-built technologies to reduce wastage. These savings can be upwards of 30% when implemented in an organisation.

To deliver realised savings, organisations need to work with the right supplier. One who has the right network to deliver the most up-time, the best behavioural tech and the right price.

Another area that can be considered is the use of large-scale, higher-quality printers for printed material. This area requires a much broader collaboration. Procurement, technology and marketing teams need to work together to understand the potential ROI.

Managed Print is not obvious

Technology moves fast and the gap between 'good, better best' has narrowed. Add-on options are interesting but rarely reduce cost. The key to cost down in this category is managing user behaviour. You can do this through having the right tools and good processes. Talk to us - we can help.

Transparency creates accountability

Supply Clusters provides transparent reporting on Managed Print Service spend through our member portal. Simply take up our Standing Offer Arrangement and your data will be available 24/7. Members have access to all of their data including detail on every page printed. Join today, start saving on MPS and see all the detail you need to manage your everyday printing expense:

  • Click charges and quantity by period
  • Click charges and quantity by machine

Things to know and look out for when choosing an MPS Contract

Print and Hold / Reduced waste

We have all seen the piles of paper left by a printer that are never picked up. Many might be pages that didn’t print according to how a user wanted them. Others are simply pages that a user pressed print and then…. forgot. Smart organisations using print and hold or secure print technology can save 30% on print costs. There’s also the added benefit of reduced risk of information leaking to the wrong eyes.

Default settings

85% of printed material can be printed in black and white. Black and white costs about 70% less on most MPS contracts. Make sure default settings are set to black and white. Manage access to colour printing to those people who need it as part of their roles. Not to print a meme for their desks.

Over spec’d devices

It is human nature to look at all the bells and whistles and think those items would be good to have. Printing booklets? Sounds great in principle. Most organisations fail to use all the features of a machine and end up paying more in monthly lease costs.

Lower service schedules

This is one of the results of using a unit cost approach. Unit cost savings are a hollow victory when you receive lower service response as a result. Lost productivity costs far more in any organisation than a fraction of a cent per page. Choose a supplier who offers service in line with your expectations.

Roll over clauses

One of the most penurious and dangerous clauses to include in any contract is a set and forget clause. It lures many unsuspecting organisations into a sense of laziness over managing contracts. Price increases and other clauses are triggered over time.

Better Buying Outcome

The best results are simply not going to be achieved through purely trying to get a better click price. It is important to consider the needs of printed material in a broader context across support, marketing and sales teams.

Consider a supplier who offers:

  • A full range of managed print from basic office requirements through to production quality print
  • A consultative approach to sales to achieve the best outcome
  • High quality machines from an expert in the imaging space

Supply Clusters Offer

Supply Clusters partner with Konica Minolta who provide a wide range of devices, superior service and solid pricing across managed print needs

Members receive the following benefits from Konica Minolta:

  • Best pricing in market for Supply Clusters members
  • Access to all of your expense data with Konica Minolta through the Supply Clusters member portal
  • Rebates (Premium Members) on print spend for members