Individual Vehicles

Give your employees a win/win with access to business savings on their own vehicles

It is not only about make, model and colour.

Companies offering corporate cars are on the decline. This stems from increasingly complex rules and regulations – many are simply offering car allowances for mobile employees. Or, they offer novated leasing or other forms of benefit.

Just like business vehicles, the right option for each individual depends on their salary, needs, private vs business usage and creditworthiness. That is why offering just a simple novated lease option may be too simplistic. Differing business usage by each employee requires a different approach.

Sure a Novated Lease is a well-known approach for company employees on relatively low business usage. However, there are other options to consider that may end up saving your employees thousands of dollars across the life of their vehicle. As vehicles are generally the second largest purchase anyone ever makes – this could be the real employee benefit that you are looking for.

Transparency creates accountability

Supply Clusters helps you manage all of your employee vehicle requirements with up to date data on all aspects of novated lease expenditure or tax packaging through our managed service offer in our member portal. Simply sign up to our Standing Offer arrangement and your data will be available 24/7. Members have access to all of their data including detail on every single novated lease.. Join today, start saving and see all the detail you need to manage your needs.

  • Quantity and Spend by period
  • Reporting on novated lease contracts to simplify company management

What factors impact vehicle costs?

Are your employees driving for work and are you paying them a car allowance? Are they purely personal use? These and other factors impact how much people end up paying for their vehicles.

Before purchase

If business use is a large percentage of usage, a novated lease may be costing more in the long term than other forms of consumer finance or packaged vehicle management. It is definitely worth talking to an expert before committing to a program.

This is important for any consumer who may not be as savvy on the ins and outs of their tax requirements as well as understanding the terms and conditions around financing.

Purchase / Procurement

Most individuals find car purchases daunting. Not to mention the negotiations with slick salespeople. Whether someone is getting a car under lease, purchasing outright or using finance – a lower purchase price means savings all round. And, if they are trading a vehicle in – they may be able to get a better trade-in price than they can get on their own.


Novated Leases are one of the common forms of finance that companies may offer as part of a benefits program to their employees. Some also offer options for financing through a banking partner. There are multiple options available depending on the needs and situation of each individual – and the vehicle in use. Understanding the right option requires a measure of accounting/tax knowledge and a large amount of finance and vehicle knowledge to make sure someone pays less over the life of the car.

Managing claimable vehicle costs

Managing claimable vehicle costs for any employee can be an issue. In recent years the ATO has targeted vehicle deductions. Getting this wrong can end up costing a lot of money in fines or unpaid taxes. Choosing the easy way out (cents per km) for those on car allowances can also mean they pay more tax than is necessary.

Selling/Trade In

Employees can get into a new car sooner than they think. For those who turn cars over often, they are usually up to date with when is the right time to sell. For most employees, it is not something that they would think about as it requires a broad understanding of vehicles, finance and tax.

Better buying outcome

A better buying outcome helps streamline procurement, management and disposal of vehicles in the fleet. This approach helps you to minimise cost, maximise tax breaks and mitigate risk to your company.

  • Smart technology means less time spent on administration and better service to employees.
  • A high service culture delivers better ease of use.
  • Ongoing monitoring reduces the possibility of significant charges at end of lease/finance or not achieving optimal equity.
  • Capped admin fees ensures no surprises later on.

Supply Clusters Offer

Supply Clusters partner with Fingo as part of a total vehicle solution for employees

Members receive the following benefits from Fingo

  • Save money on vehicle purchases either owned financed, or leased
  • Detailed reporting to streamline tax requirements
  • Capped administration fees on leased vehicles
  • Detailed tracking to determine the optimal time to change vehicles