Insights that Save – Supply Clusters Conference 2019

Sydney Boulevard Hotel – Thursday August 29, 2019
Insights that save time, money and pain

Indigenous Procurement: How do you know if you are you making a difference or ticking a box?

Greg Welsh Winya

Greg Welsh – Winya

Greg Welsh is a Director of Winya Indigenous Furniture and the first Australian to be awarded by the United Nations for Leadership in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In this frank talk, Greg talks about some of the real social challenges faced by our nation’s first people and his personal journey. A passionate and driven business person and advocate for the indigenous cause in Australia, Greg tells a positive success story and helps expose some of the myths and pitfalls associated with this category.

There is a danger that your current procurement policies may actually be harming the cause. How will you know what really helps rather than is merely “black-cladding” or in fact undermining the cause? The answer lies in supporting indigenous employment and two-way education (with corporate Australia having a lot to learn). This powerful presentation talks about issues that matter and will educate you on how your organisation can make a real difference and help drive social change.

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