Manage costs the fast and easy way

Cost management can be complex and time consuming. We’re here to support you getting it done.

Better deals. Better cost management. Without the pain and hassle.

You know you need to manage costs. That’s part and parcel of being a leader. For some this may fall into the too-hard basket. Why? Because the devil is in the detail. This makes cost management a tricky field to play on.

You see a long tail of expenses on your P&L. You are familiar with these costs. So where to start? Every dollar saved here can go straight to the bottom line. Or not. Because it may take more resource.

Here’s an idea. You stay focused on revenue, direct costs and getting your job done. Let us help with that long tail of expenses. That’s what we are here to do. After all, you’re busy.

So why do business leaders like yourself choose to work with Supply Clusters?



Profit it hard to come by and expenses are always on the rise. You need a fast and easy way to reduce costs. Without the hassle of looking into all the detail yourself.



Doing more with less time is the modern mantra in business. Often there’s no time to deal with costs on top of your day job. You are not alone. Most of our members have the same struggle.



Being an expert in every area of business spend is unlikely. Our team are there to support you every step of the way.



Good intentions to deliver savings doesn’t cut it. Actually getting the savings does. Results are the only thing that counts. We get it. Our job is to do the dirty work.

Some of our success stories

We work with some of Australia’s largest companies every day. We help them succeed. Whether you are procurement, finance or a function leader – talk to us about realised savings. Simple and easy.

Start saving today, enjoy the benefits tomorrow.

It is low-hanging fruit. So why not save money? Join today and start saving tomorrow. It is that easy. You get access to all our contracts with leading suppliers. Plus you also get access to all the insight you need to drive cost down.

You can skip the tender process. Avoid the painful negotiations. Especially for those unimportant categories. Yet you still get discounts and bi-annual cash rebates where available. There is also the peace of mind of having due diligence done for you. Of course all our offers are market tested and continue to offer businesses savings.

It’s easy to get started

You can start buying in a single category – there are no minimum time or spend commitments. Or choose to look at many areas, we do all the work for you.

Better still, you can view your spend analysis dashboard at any time through our portal. Our portal shows spend patterns, usage rates, discounts and savings. It helps you understand where you are spending so that you can keep costs down.

Get results and see the benefits

Track your savings. Available 24/7.

We collect the data and provide it for you to see the benefits quickly.

Reporting on FX through Supply Clusters shows clear and transparently what you paid for the purchase of foreign currency


We deliver transparent and detailed reporting from suppliers to our members. All accessible via our member portal.


We have specialists in all areas of a business to understand how to buy better.


We analyse our member’s current spend against hundreds of other businesses and plot savings opportunities.