Appliances and Whitegoods

There is a vast difference between a cheap consumer product and a quality commercial appliance. Going cheap may cost more than just a voided warranty.

Many buyers have been tempted to avoid buying a commercial appliance (TV, Fridge, Office Kitchen) and instead have headed down to Kmart for a cheaper substitute. There is more than a ticket price difference between consumer and commercial products. There are many differences in quality, durability and warranty that are important when you are buying an appliance for a high use environment such as an office.

Typically consumer products are only warranted for use in a consumer environment. So what? You could just buy a lower-priced replacement when required. Beware this approach as there are broader implications in an office or work environment when appliances stop working. Lost productivity, disgruntled employees and more.

Does your consumer warranty count?

Choosing a consumer product for a commercial environment can void its warranty. Consumer products are built to the needs of home use and may not stand up to the needs of a high-staff environment.

Transparency creates accountability

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Things to consider when purchasing whitegoods and appliances

Staff incentives from manufacturers

While it is possible to buy commercial products from retailers – you need to keep an eye on the fact staff are incentivised by manufacturers. You may be recommended  a product which attracts a higher commission – worse still it may not even be a commercial model. It makes sense to deal with experts who understand the demands required in a workplace setting.

Consumer warranties may be voided

Most consumer products are warranted for use in a consumer environment – the less intense usage indicative of a household. Using the same product in a commercial environment is unlikely to be covered under warranty should anything go wrong. While there is often a significant price difference to commercial models, they are manufactured with greater durability and quality. This means they will continue to work after a lot of use while a consumer product is likely to show signs of fatigue or just stop working.

Greater durability

In a high use environment, quality matters. This is especially important for items that are used in critical areas such as meeting rooms or staff kitchens. Lesser quality products may not work which can be embarrassing or lose you business from clients.

Product release periods

Most electronics tend to be released annually so making a purchase at the point of launch may cost you more. Often the best time to purchase is later in the product lifecycle before a new model launches as manufacturers are often keen to move older stock.

Supply Clusters Offer

Supply Clusters partner with Harvey Norman Commercial who specialise in Commercial appliances and whitegoods. Our members are able to select the right products for the commercial environment through Harvey Norman Commercial.

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