Have the support you need to analyse your spend the right way. We help to make sure that you achieve your goal.

No more analysing your spend based on outdated methods

Products and services in any given category change often. So do your spend patterns. There are also outside market forces impacting your spend. With only your own data, how can you know the best way to determine the right path forward?

How can you also determine the best way to analyse your data? Do the same thing you did last time and chase single figure savings? Or rely on the expertise of a team that handles the data from hundreds of businesses.

We analyse spend data across many categories. For many businesses. Every single day. This gives us the insight to know what is working for businesses now. And what is coming down the road. This knowledge allows us to build and continuously improve to deliver the best solution for your business.

  • Get the latest up-to-date analysis on your spend with Supply Clusters


Products and services do not sit still. They change daily and you need the support of a team that understands the market.


Product and services pricing is a complex interplay of supplier and market forces. We keep up to date on what is happening in the world that impacts our members spend.


Unit pricing will only get you so far. We help you achieve more savings through process, product and distribution strategies.


No matter what you put in an RFP or quote – suppliers know how to game you. We know their tricks so we make sure they play by the rules.

Stay current. Let us lend you a hand.

In a world where change is accelerating, you won’t be on the money if you analyse the same way you did 3 years ago. Keep up to date with the best way to deliver direct savings to your business.

  • Get the latest up-to-date analysis on your spend with Supply Clusters

Direct Savings. Alternative Products and Cost Avoidance.

Stop scratching around for minor savings when bigger ones may be available in areas in which you are not looking. Or, savings in ways you are not aware of.

Our team works with businesses like yours to deliver savings outcomes. Not only through analysis – but through our end-to-end approach to better buying.

Some of our success stories

We work with companies every day to help them succeed. Whether it is procurement, finance or function leaders – we help them realise savings. Simple and easy.