Experience counts

For over 20 years Supply Clusters has delivered expense reduction and management to Australian businesses.

Delivering results for Australian businesses since 1994.

Since inception, Supply Clusters has focused on delivering value to Australian businesses. Hundreds of businesses have realised benefits both in money saved, expense avoided and freed up time to work on other things.

Our approach has been proven time and time again since we began. From aggregating volume through to data and insight, we continue to deliver for businesses today.

Since 1994 Supply Clusters has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars through its simple ethos – realise savings – not just talk about potential savings.

Words are just promises. Results are the only truth.

Supply Clusters are not consultants who take a percentage of ‘proposed savings’. Nor do we walk away when the contract is done. We pride ourselves on being at your side every step of the way.

Many businesses have been partnering with Supply Clusters for over 10 years and continue to realise benefits.



Oliver Lazarevic


Oliver’s career spans 20 years in supplier side commercial and sales roles before joining Supply Clusters in 2014. He brings his extensive experience in pricing, contract management and distribution to Supply Clusters.

what i do

customer advocate

pricing management

contract management



strategic planning

mike wilson

Systems and Finance

Mike started and ran his own company and competed against global players in the software space for over 20 years before selling his business. Since that time he has worked in numerous contract roles delivering large-scale projects for some of Australia’s largest companies. A chartered accountant by background Mike brings a wealth of experience in finance, systems, processes, data and project delivery to Supply Clusters.

what i do

financial management


system, process & data design

business strategy

project management


Mike Wilson Supply Clusters

paul radovan

Operations and Finance

Prior to joining Supply Clusters Paul was a director of global, high-tech businesses across Asia-Pacific. Paul spent many years as an engineer and leader in radar and telecommunications systems. He was also a Supply Clusters member who realised significant benefits in businesses he led.

what i do



project management

due diligence

Our motto: Be accountable in a business world where so few are.

Our customers’ success is the result of a vast blend of experience.

Our entire team and advisory network bring a diversity of international experience across many core functions to our business. It is the blend of experiences, approaches and personalities that continue to drive innovation in everything we do.