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Realise savings sooner in less time and effort

Join the Energy Blitz to secure the lowest energy prices in over 2 years

The Supply Clusters Energy Blitz is on May 26, 2020. Register your interest to secure low energy prices through to 2022 or 2023.

We have seen some dramatic downward trends over the last few years with our analysis indicating we may have reached the bottom of the market. To make things better, environmental charges has steadily been declining which when combined now makes energy procurement extremely attractive.

If your electricity contract is due to expire within the next 18 months now is a great time to go to market as you are likely to see amazing savings. The Supply Clusters Energy Blitz will help you fight for an even greater deal in what is a very competitive market.

Find out more and register your interest in the Energy Blitz

Achieve a cost reduction sooner

Since 1994, Supply Clusters has worked with business leaders to drive down costs faster. Whether you work in procurement, finance or elsewhere – our approach helps you deliver results sooner. How, do we hear you ask?

Supply Clusters pre-negotiates a series of offers with leading suppliers. These provide a basis to implement savings fast. We support you through analysing a forecast for savings. Work with you to plan implementation, then deliver the reporting for you. In short, we get it done.

Our approach considers all aspects of commercial impact, implementation and measuring the results.

Start to see actual savings not just proposed savings.


You can leverage the experience of our member organisations and our network of experts to determine the right strategies for optimal spending



You receive detailed analytic support from us benchmarked against hundreds of other businesses. We leverage our negotiated pricing to deliver a better result

Reporting on FX through Supply Clusters shows clear and transparently what you paid for the purchase of foreign currency


You benefit from support implementing your savings program. We help you work with our suppliers to ensure benefits are realised


You receive transparent and detailed reporting from suppliers via our member portal

Be accountable for forecasted savings

Data is making people more accountable than ever before. Smart businesses are achieving or outperforming the forecasts they call out. Today and tomorrow are all about attribution and accountability. And that is just the way we like it.

We help our members report on the progress of their goals by providing access to spend data. When they need it. No more chasing suppliers.

Our team can also support you to determine the implementation of a supplier in a way that will work for you to achieve the targets you need to hit.

Some of our success stories

We work with companies every day to help them succeed. Whether it is procurement, finance or function leaders – we help them realise savings. Simple and easy.

For procurement teams

We help hundreds of leading procurement teams by delivering volume, expertise and taking care of the tail. So the focus can move to strategically important categories.

For finance

Get help putting downward pressure on those expense lines which stubbornly refuse to reduce. We support you with lower prices, governance and benefit tracking.

For business leaders

No one wants to pay more than they need to. You can take care of the low hanging fruit without the pain, hassle or time investment required in sourcing it yourself.

The benefits are more than cost savings

Save Money

From the moment you become a member you unlock far greater purchasing power. This translates to better pricing, rebates and cashbacks which deliver bottom-line benefits.

Panel of Experts

Our team and expert panel know each category inside and out. They understand what matters to business and the games suppliers play.

Save Time

Avoid the pain of scoping, sourcing, analysing, negotiating and implementing your own contracts. Access pre-negotiated deals with the hard work done for you.

Improve Compliance

We identify and help our members reduce rogue spend through the power of data. Our approach helps minimise leakage and ensures adherence to organisational policy.

Scalable and Agile Contracts

Gain value and leave unfavourable volume and time commitments behind. This makes our members more agile. So they can better deal with changing market conditions.


We provide the assistance, help and support as you require it. You are in control of your company’s spend in many areas. Need further savings? Tap into our team of experts.

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