Salary Packaging allows you to boost the post-tax pay packet of employees. It comes with the benefit of not actually having to pay them more. It works by reducing their taxable income and means more money in their pocket.

Salary Packaging is complex and time consuming to handle without the right systems in place. Most employers struggle manage this process this in-house. Choosing the right partner for salary packaging offers you two things:

  • The right advice on what you can offer your employees
  • A system to make the management of payments easy

Get this right and you are more attractive to employees.


A delivered outcome
Many suppliers will tell you that they can make it easy for you to track these benefits. In our experience few are actually able to deliver. Choose a partner with a strong technology focus to make tracking benefits and payments simple.


Making your company more attractive to employees is easy through Salary Packaging. All it takes is some simple partnering.

  • Get it wrong and it could become a headache to manage
  • Choosing the right advice and supplier will make it a breeze

Choose a supplier who offers:

  • Technology to help make managing the process simple
  • The right advice to ensure you follow the guidleines your industry allows


Offering salary packaging to employees can make you an employer of choice.

  • Knowing what to do is important
  • Making it easy to manage is even more so

Make sure you choose a provider that offers:

  • Technology to make managing the program easier
  • The right advice for your industry


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