Many businesses fail to recognise the value that comes from unified communications. Everyone understands the cost effective nature of conference calls rather than physical travel. The ability to integrate messaging and video conferencing with phone isn’t as well understood.

Unified communications as a buzzword that has been around for years. Legacy technology was very expensive and required complex hardware. Modern technology, software and improved connectivity has made it accessible to any business.

Free or low-cost solutions are available such as Google Hangouts and Skype. Scalable communications technology to meet the needs of business exists and is cost effective. These solutions need to be considered in line with a robust network. Without this, no solution will be effective.


Unnecessary hardware
Legacy hardware for video conferencing has been limited to use by large businesses. Today smartphones and laptops can deliver a strong experience through a browser. This is why you should consider unified communications as a service.

Internet service quality
Without good internet and high voice quality expensive licenses and hardware become no more than paperweights.

License volume gates
The inability to switch users on and off without penalty is a legacy pricing model. Consider the more flexible "as-a-service" solution.

Part offerings
Using different providers for individual components does not provide leverage. Combine messaging, video, voice and screen sharing in one.


Choosing a modern and streamlined solution can improve the cost to your business.

Consider a provider who:

  • Delivers all components through one simple solution
  • Provides a solution per seat and is scalable according to business demand
  • Utilises ‘cloud infrastructure’ to minimise hardware costs
  • Provides flexibility around when and where people can use it


Supply Clusters has partnered with Streamlined Communications for Unified Communications.

Supply Clusters members receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates off the public monthly license charges
  • Staff training costs waived

Streamlined Communications customers enjoy:

  • Access to a team of unified communications specialists
  • A dedicated mobile platform for access on the go


Unified communications can reduce your travel cost and improve collaboration.

  • Choosing the wrong supplier can lock you in with costly pricing
  • Choosing the right supplier can boost your bottom line

You should choose a provider that offers:

  • Simple and transparent pricing which is scalable
  • Leading edge technology to drive your business forward


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