For a long time, the driving force in technology advancement was the device. Today, changes are coming from how we interact with applications.

Even the largest software companies are shifting to the 'cloud'. Providing the same functionality regardless of device is the key driver to how we work now. This is the way of the future. Device capability should not be the driving factor. How we use the application is most important when making decisions. We must however accommodate the transition to new ways of working.

Finding a strong supply partner who can offer the right advice and deliver technology products that you need when you need them is critical. This will enable the organisation to focus technology on efficiency, rather than device and device management.

This approach will deliver immediate and future benefit to the bottom line and staff productivity.


Kickbacks and Incentives
Many suppliers still offer incentives to sell a particular brand or product range. This promotes selling products which may benefit the supplier rather than ensuring the best fit for you. This is a legacy practice you should avoid.

Fit for purpose
Consider what the users actually need. A basic user who just does email and uses cloud platforms does not need the fastest and latest device. Most low cost devices can perform for these types of users.

Traditional Suppliers
Avoid suppliers who do not move at the pace of the technology. Or those that have a vested interest in selling legacy practices. Suppliers should be providing you with new ways to work and finding a device that fits the bill.

Ability to supply
Today's business world is fast changing. Losing productivity is not an option when a device fails. Yet no businesses can carry excess assets 'just in case'. Consider a more just-in-time supply chain and a partner who can deliver on this requirement. Traditional methods of mass deploying new devices are being replaced with a more agile approach.


Creating a more manageable cost base for technology products takes some work. But the effort can deliver significant improvements to efficiency and budgets.

Consider a supplier who:

  • has a strong supply chain to deliver what you need, when you need it
  • can offer advice across a range of platforms and emerging technologies
  • has specialist staff who can provide not just product advice but strategic advice


Supply Clusters has partnered with Staples Technology Solutions for your product needs.

Supply Clusters members and Staples customers enjoy:

  • A strong supply chain to deliver the product you need
  • A team of specialist staff who can offer advice on your technology needs


Technology devices have taken a back seat to applications. Legacy thinking may lead many organisations to overspend.

  • Choosing the wrong approach will make you fall behind the technology marketplace
  • Choosing the right approach means partnering with the right people

You should choose a partner that offers:

  • A strong supply chain to deliver the products you need when you need them
  • The right advice to help your organisation take advantage of new technology - not just new devices


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