Moving to a cloud provisioned IT environment can deliver significant expense and operational savings. To many organisations the benefits are either unclear or the barriers to moving seem high. There are often barriers dealing with tecnologists who are stuck in the traditional mindset of on-site infrastructure. For end users the change is simple. The same day-to-day applications they use on a desktop are available via ITaaS for a fraction of the cost.

A traditional IT approach may be inflexible - both capital and labour intensive. Moving from semi-fixed overhead to a managed service that is pay-as-you-go delivers significant advantages. Your business benefits from greater agility to respond to changing needs. Many also enjoy reduced risk and increased governance.

IT is becoming more and more a commodity buy. ITaaS is a strategic business decision driven through the C-level. At the end of the day it is a financial decision that is going to save a lot of money and time.


Fixed-term set-price monthly contracts
A managed service contract locks you into a fixed rate per month based on a planned number of users. Many contracts may not allow you to scale the number of users up and down and are thereby inflexible in nature. Pay as you go is scalable. It allows you to add or remove users or components of the service as business needs dictate.

BYO Communications Network
Some suppliers offer managed services without looking at your communications needs. The result is that you are dealing with multiple suppliers when it comes to solving issues. A supplier who can provide a single turnkey solution with a good communications network mitigates risk. It also means that you have 'one throat to choke' in the event of an issue.

Extra middlemen
Be aware of intermediaries who do little other than adding margin on top of existing products. They are also likely to charge exorbitant service fees on top to put in place a solution.


To reap the greatest rewards from a move to ITaaS, you need to consider a solution that encompasses:

  • The full suite of services and applications
  • A telecommunications backbone across more than just one telco provider to ensure business continuity

Further to this, you need to consider a supplier who can also:

  • Deliver a robust plan around backup, power and site failover (disaster recovery)
  • Remove expensive re-sellers who add little value
  • Deliver a communications network that covers all your locations
  • Provide alternative communications supply in the event of failure by any one provider


Supply Clusters has partnered with 6YS for a complete ITaaS solution.

Supply Clusters members receive the following benefits:

  • All inclusive pricing per user per month including application hosting, communications and all infrastructure
  • No middleman re-seller for sharper pricing

6YS customers enjoy:

  • Australia wide communications network
  • 3 diverse hosted sites which switchover in event of failure of any one. This delivers seamless, uninterrupted service
  • All data are encrypted and stored on servers resident in Australia


Moving to ITaaS represents a significant opportunity to create a scalable IT expense base. It also reduces your costs.

  • Consider a pay as you go approach rather than a fixed rate, fixed term managed service contract
  • Look for a supplier who offers a solution encompassing applications hosting, communications and infrastructure

You should choose a supplier that offers:

  • A communications network that covers all your locations
  • No expensive 'middleman' re-sellers who add little value


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