Providing a well stocked kitchen helps keep staff happy and can also add to the bottom line.

While every business is different, most implement one common approach. It is important to provide food and beverages that keep staff happy. Many offer just basic coffee, tea and biscuits. The range of what you offer will depend on the type of organisation you are.

Whether you offer the basics or provide premium options, there are ways to buy better. Two simple methods are to rationalise products and streamline suppliers.

There is a range of options not available to domestic purchasers you should consider when buying for business. Whether it is bulk packs or dispensing options it is wise to seek expert help.


Catering to individual preferences

Food and beverage are about as personal as you can get. Some like strawberry and some like chocolate. While everyone likes different things, this is not practical when catering in the workplace. You need to provide a range that suits the majority and caters for dietary preferences.

Think about healthy options

Traditional thinking around a coffee and a biscuit has not kept up with modern workplaces. Rather than loading up staff with sugary and fatty treats - consider some healthy options. This will keep your staff energised and more productive.

Milk and fruit

Fresh milk for coffee and tea or supplying fresh fruit is nothing new. How and where you buy it can save both time and money. Running to the shops works for urgent needs but it should not be a normal practice. There are also differences between suppliers and the quality of their produce.


Choosing the right supplier for food and beverage will deliver time and cost savings.

We recommend a provider who delivers on the following criteria:

  • Provides you the opportunity to merge this category spend with related categories to maximise savings
  • Has the geographical coverage to deliver to all your locations in a consistent manner
  • Specialist advice - has salespeople who understand the needs of different industries
  • Has a broad range of brand name products. It also stocks a good range of quality generic brand products


Supply Clusters has partnered with Winc to help you keep the kitchen stocked.

Supply Clusters members receive the following benefits through Winc:

  • Locked in contract pricing on over 300 common kitchen products
  • Milk and fruit delivered and consolidated on one invoice
  • All prices fixed with an annual review conducted by Supply Clusters
  • Allows you to reduce vendors and standardise products

Winc customers enjoy:

  • Access to dedicated facility solutions experts
  • Access to the best-selling brands as well as generic Winc ranges
  • National coverage to provide you with one supplier and consistent product nationwide
  • Local specialists who provide tailored advice


A well stocked kitchen is important to keep staff productive

  • A poor buying process can cost you money and time
  • Choosing the right supplier delivers effective cost management

You should choose a provider that offers:

  • Specialist advice where needed
  • A strong supply chain to deliver the products you need
  • A wide range at locked in contract pricing

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