Safety equipment are critical items for many businesses. Buy wrong and it can put lives at risk which far outweighs a few dollars you could save. This is not an area to cut corners yet many try to do so.

Safety products encompass all the products required to meet duty of care and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) standards.

Signage and First Aid are commodity items which may require a small amount of consultation to implement correctly

Workwear and PPE are a more complex proposition. Many have standards on protective quality. While a product may meet standards it may not be ideal for the worker due to fit, durability or comfort. Selecting the right product requires a cooperative approach with a partner who can add value. The right strategy is a partner who can deliver on large scale production as well as everyday needs. By choosing the right partner you can optimise your budget as well as minimise leakage.


Fit for purpose
There is a difference between a product that meets standards and one that is ideal. A cheaper product that meets standards may not deliver on employee comfort and fit. This could impact worker productivity as well as the lifetime of workwear.

A cheaper alternative
This involves replacing premium or branded product with a cheaper product. Generic brands can save over branded products. They may do a similar job but may not always deliver the same result.


Choosing the right safety supplier will help manage costs, mitigate risk and improve productivity. You should choose a supplier who can:

  • Handle large scale roll-outs as well as day-to-day purchasing needs
  • Provide local back up for fast turnaround on ad hoc needs
  • Provide access to specialised pricing in-store
  • Is a dedicated safety supplier with a national team of specialists


Supply Clusters has partnered with RSEA to provide better safety buying.

Supply Clusters receive the following benefits:

  • A range of contracted items at 30-40% off market rate
  • A discount off list pricing across the entire range
  • Platinum pricing for large and small business

RSEA customers enjoy:

  • Convenient buying with a national network of superstores
  • Easy online ordering from a custom built safety website
  • A team of nationwide safety specialists who can conduct safety audits at your site
  • Fast turnaround on customised product with 12 local embroidery facilities across Australia


Safety equipment is vital to ensure compliance and worker health. There are many opportunities to streamline your purchasing.

  • Choosing the right supplier can greatly improve productivity and employee welfare
  • Choosing the right supplier offers you a better buying outcome

You should choose a provider that offers:

  • ​A strong supply chain to deliver the products you need, when you need them
  • A wide range of product at locked in contract pricing as well as beneficial pricing on the entire range.


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