Furniture is essential for any business. After all it is in use by staff everyday. More important is furniture that offers a comfortable and attractive work environment. It is well established that good furniture fosters productive and healthy employees.

The purchase of furniture represents a significant investment for any business. There are some simple considerations that everyone should take into account when buying. When choosing from a vast array of brands, models and colours - it is easy to feel a little lost.

Aside from the image you wish to portray, the primary criteria of your choice should be function. After all, it is this that delivers productivity and well being.


The quality of a product is mostly proportional to the length of the warranty a manufacturer will provide. Sometimes it is better to spend a little bit more and choose a product that will serve you for a longer time. Check warranties on all the products that you consider.

Fit for purpose products
A chair is a chair right? Not quite - it depends upon the type of use required of it. Office chairs are available for less than a hundred dollars. You need to consider if you will receive a hundred dollars worth of value. You may possibly end up spending more replacing cheap chairs than buying better ones in the first place.

Award winners
If a company is trying to impress you with a long list of design awards, chances are they may be design purists. While design is a key consideration, function and comfort should be at the top of your criteria.

Ongoing supply
Take care in choosing your office fit-out. Choose custom furniture and fabrics that are timeless. Your supplier should confirm continuity of supply for when you need additions, repair or replacement.

Beware the latest fad
Fashion fads change fast. Why do they change? It drives the fashion conscious to update even when the product is still functional. Forget the trends for this year. Rather, balance the trends with what will look good over the next 5-10 years.


The right furniture supplier may help your business be more productive. They will offer a solution that protects employee health while considering the bottom line. We recommend a supplier who can deliver on the following:

  • A dedicated team of experts in the field of commercial furniture. Not just interior design
  • A strong supply chain to ensure that the products you buy today are still available tomorrow
  • A consultative approach to office design and fit-out
  • A range of locally made as well as imported furniture options


Supply Clusters has partnered with Winc Business Furniture for all your furniture needs.

Supply Clusters members receive the following benefits:

  • Free delivery Australia-wide (fit-out excepted)

Winc furniture customers enjoy:

  • A dedicated team of experts on hand to assist in the furniture decision process
  • An extensive range of locally made and imported furniture in stock and ready to deliver
  • Fast delivery to all locations in Australia


Furniture is a large and essential investment for any business. Choosing the right partner can deliver greater productivity while being cost effective. Consider a supplier who offers:

  • Expertise in the impact that furniture has on worker productivity
  • A wide range of products backed by a strong supply chain
  • An outcome that takes into account your business and its needs


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