Every business uses a cleaning service whether it is provided by internal staff or outside help. Cleaning Services as a priority will be higher where hygiene or safety are critical (such as the food industry). For many businesses cleaning will often be awarded to the supplier who quoted the lowest rate.

It is important to consider whether price should be the driving factor. All other risks associated with permitting entry into your premises should be considered. Taking a shortcut in this area to save a small amount of money may have undesirable consequences.

You need to consider various security and quality factors when choosing a cleaning services provider.


Contract staff
You should consider the consequences of allowing access to unknown persons. This adds risk as cleaning is often done when staff are not around.

Cost per hour
Cost per hour may deliver some benefits. It may also deliver inflexibility. This can deliver contracts which do not encompass all needs. Adversarial behaviour in contract negotiations may result in under-quoting to achieve a target.

Add on pricing
This may occur on both services and consumables. Under a cost per hour approach, extra services may incur higher rates. A non-transparent margin on consumables may also occur. This approach will maximise profit for a supplier who has quoted lower per hour.

The difference between a proper clean and a poor clean is not always obvious. Ensure contract cleaners are not using cheaper contract staff without adequate supervision. Short cuts can be taken and make things appear clean. This is more important if the cleaners are the only people on site after hours.


The right cleaning services provider will deliver a healthy and more productive working environment for your organisation. We recommend a provider who delivers on the following criteria:

  • Provides employed staff with relevant training and police checks rather than non-vetted contractors.
  • Considers broader hygiene needs rather than offers a flat rate or per hour approach
  • Consolidates all needs and eliminates the potential of additional cost through add-on's
  • Has a clear process of supervision for quality control
  • Is compliant with relevant industry standards


Supply Clusters has partnered with Biniris to deliver tailored cleaning services.

Supply Clusters members and Biniris customers receive the following benefits through Biniris:

  • A profit and loss for each site
  • Partners not contractors
  • Trackable Performance - available 24/7
  • ISO certified
  • National coverage to provide you with one supplier and consistent service nationwide


A clean workplace provides a better working environment and safety for staff.

  • Going with the cheapest quote may add risk to your organisation
  • The difference between a proper clean and a poor clean is not always obvious

Choosing the right supplier for cleaning services offers you:

  • Assurance that you are getting what you are paying for
  • Reduced risk from unvetted sub-contractors in your premises


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