Customers save from the moment they join by purchasing via Supply Clusters agreements. Our deals leverage the combined buying power of every business in the group. Customers avoid unnecessary price increases and contract terms as we manage supplier contracts.


Avoid the pain of scoping, sourcing, analysing, negotiating and implementing your own contracts. Access pre-negotiated deals with the hard work done for you. Customers realise savings immediately whilst avoiding the time and cost of managing contracts themselves.

Better business buying through trusted partners


Understanding how companies buy and sell is what we do. We offer a better approach for each category considering price, terms and service delivery. This give our customers all the facts to reduce risk in the decision making process.

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We assist our customers by migrating their expenses from a fixed cost base to a variable cost base. This gives access to value without unfavourable volume and time commitments. As a result our customers become more agile and can better deal with changing market conditions.

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Our customers reduce rogue spend by gaining visibility of what their business is spending. Our deals minimise leakage and ensure adherence to organisational policy. This allows our customers to maximise the value of their business expenses.


Access to spend data gives customers visibility of expenses at their fingertips. Our deals minimise risk and improve processes to deliver a better buying outcome. This transparency and control allows customers to better manage their business.

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